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Ed Steele's Super Shops Page

I woke up one day (recently, let's say April 2009) and decided that 20+ years was a long enough period of time to wait before reminiscing about Super Shops, and I decided to build a site and post all my souvenirs and pictures to it. I'm having fun with it (OK maybe I am a tiny bit obsessed with it) and the content is continuing to grow and change.

Please email me with anything to add or edit, and with any comments to

These items listed below will be live links once the stories are written and posted. This is a work in progress!

Also, don't be offended if you are not listed here yet. I either have not gotten to it because of work and life, or I need to be reminded (I'm old and senile now), or I was so far East that I never had any dealings with you during my time at SSI. Send me notes and I'll make it right.

I plan to archive everything I have in my tub of pictures and memorabilia and everything I can dig out of my noggin here. I want to get this done before I go senile or kick the bucket. Check back often, and enjoy!

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Thunderstorm: missed the runway in Greensboro SC and had to bail to Greenville NC

Store 75 fire cleanup incident

The Store Sparky part number 2696 project

Military airport landings (Knoxville, Birmingham, Apache Choppers with chain guns)

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