Last modified August 7th, 2009

Jeff Stake Stories

There were many people who had a profound influence on my life at Super Shops, but if I have to think about all of them, I think the man who had the most influence upon my development as a human being, an employee, a manager, and an area manager was Stake.

Now don't everybody else get your feelings hurt. You all did your part to make me who I am today, and that's what is so cool about the SSI experience. Jeff Stake was my direct supervisor for the longest and he was around for the most time, so it is only natural that he rubbed off on me more than others. Bruce Banker, the man, the legend, is a close second. I have never worked harder or laughed harder than during the times I worked with Banker and Stake. He has his own stories page on this site as well.

But Stake. Man oh man did we get into trouble, lock horns, kick ass and otherwise have the time of our lives. Nothing but great memories of some of the hardest and some of the best times ever.

Story 1: Coming soon. Still building up the page structures.


Found this in a manager's manual dated 1983.