Last Modified August 10th, 2009

Kenny Leacock Stories

Kenny Leacock. The nicest guy you could ever meet in your life. He is sorely missed and the world was a better place when he was with us. Rest In Peace Kenny - lots and lots of people love you. Kenny left us sometime in early January, 2002.

Story 1: Who-Song and Larry's

In 1987 or 1988, Kenny Leacock was in town and about to have his birthday. Between store 74 and 93 and 78, there were 21 of us that got together to throw him a birthday party. I was in charge of money and I collected $100 from all 21 people. We surprised Kenny and took him to Who-Song and Larry’s, a Tex-Mex style bar that encouraged you to write your name or anything all over every square inch of the building – ceilings and all. Those of you who knew and loved Kenny will know that Ken was not much of a drinker – two beers and he was almost falling down drunk. We knew this. Of course we sauced him up and we ate like kings and queens. After about two hours, Kenny went into the bathroom of this packed restaurant giggling and laughing in his trademark high pitched laugh, and for no reason at all he just ripped the sink off the wall like it was Styrofoam! Water started spraying everywhere and he just ran out giggling and went back to the table. They never figured out it was us. I’m sure they were pissed! We ate and drank until there was nothing left to do, and I guess that in 1987 dollars, we ate a lot. The lady came to give me the bill (by the way she was hot and sweet, and everybody had a blast with her) and it was just over $1600. I guarantee and I assure you that she has never forgotten that night. This was the night that she got a nearly $500 tip. She literally cried and hugged all of our drunk asses as we stumbled out into the night. I wish I knew her name and how to get a hold of her.

Story 2: Bowling for dollars

One night he was in town, and we all went out to bowl and we, of course, filled him with the two beers it would take to get him drunk. The place was packed and there were a bunch of hotties bowling in the lane to our right. Kenny went up, staggered up, then let loose with a ball and a simultaneous giggle that he always did when he was drunk, and the ball did this missile arc, almost straight up at about 100 miles per hour, smacked the lane we were in, then picked up speed and headed right into the lane to our right where it outran a ball that was headed for the pins. He hit a strike in their lane and the place lit up like somebody scored a touchdown to win the Super Bowl! I have never laughed so hard, so hard that I cried in my LIFE! People were cracking up, lining up to high five him, people were rolling on the floor in laughter. I am sure that NOBODY who was there that night in the WHOLE place ever forgot that strike. There is no doubt in my mind that if it was on tape it would have easily won 10 grand on America's Funniest Home Videos.